KVC003 - Plot in Kavac with object
1,00 EUR
0,78 GBP
1,13 USD
Montenegro, Kavač, Kotor, 85330, Kavač.
KVC003 - Plot in Kavac with object
Listing status: Active
Property type: Land
Property ID: KVC003
Listing type: Property for sale
Floor Area Ratio (iz): 0.25
Show Gross Floor Area (ii): 0.8
Floor levels allowed: 4 levels
Price Range: 101-150€/m²
Built year: 1900
Lot size: 750 Sqm
House size: 170 Sqm

Plot in Kavac with partially built object. 

Price TBC


NOTE: we can assist you in all aspects of development (due diligence, project, construction, sales, etc.) - Contact us if this land is of interest to you.

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Terrain Slope: medium slope
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